Thank You.

A small thank you for the support you have all given me throughout this medical school journey and the support you have given my family during such a difficult time. Each printable planning page comes in 5 different color ways. Always rooting for your success; a quick reminder que tu puedes! Sigan Luchando, un-dia-a-la-vez-6Download a-hecharle-ganas-2Download

Free & Paid Summer Premed Programs List!

Hi everyone and a very happy new year! I have now updated the premedical opportunity list with this year's dates - I believe there are 18 different programs with links and descriptions. What a better way to start off the year than securing your spot to gain clinical experience and premedical guidance through summer programs!!! … Continue reading Free & Paid Summer Premed Programs List!

Study Tips to Plan for Exams & Standardized Tests

Hi Everyone, As I promised on my Instagram page, I have uploaded my presentation on "Study Tips for Exams"! I apologize again that the recording of the webinar did not get stored! If you have any questions about the slides, please do not hesitate to reach out! I just want to encourage you all to … Continue reading Study Tips to Plan for Exams & Standardized Tests

How I Secured STRONG Letters of Evaluation for Medical School

There is definitely way more strategy that goes into obtaining letters of evaluation than I think most students realize. This is NOT a regular old letter of recommendation, this is a totally different beast! Several of my mentors told me that I should guide my writers as much as I can and I should confirm … Continue reading How I Secured STRONG Letters of Evaluation for Medical School

Premedical Opportunities List

List created by Carmen Estrada, MD Candidate 2022 Refer questions/suggestions to or through Instagram @carmenseradoctora ***Disclaimer: I have done my best to make sure the information on this page is accurate, but please always double check on the link provided before proceeding with any application. Feel free to email me if you catch any … Continue reading Premedical Opportunities List